The Aviation and Travel sectors are increasingly technology dependent. When executed well, the customer enjoys a smooth and engaging experience. When problems emerge, this can lead to significant revenue and reputational risk.

Genki Tech Services are a trusted partner for aviation and travel companies, focused on optimising and maintaining their technology set-up.

Who are We?

Genki Tech Services are an IT services business established as part of a travel technology vertical within the Genki Group of companies.

Targeted at the wide variety of airline, aviation and travel businesses seeking to keep up with and harness rapid technological change and development.

We combine deep expertise in the commercial and operational technology requirements of airlines, aviation and travel companies, with proven application of expert IT skills and delivery capability.

What we do

We deploy our technology specialists to deliver against client requirements across all aspects of IT applications and infrastructure.

We ensure and deliver efficient and secure IT infrastructure, supporting the smooth running of businesses operating worldwide.

We carry out end to end business application selection, negotiation, set-up and optimisation. Ensuring best practice commercial terms are achieved, and effective project management through to delivery.

Our People

Our people are expert airline and travel technologists. With proven experience in delivering for many companies, on a global basis.

Typically deployed as additional expert resource on key projects, our people support and enhance the project team capability.

Whether the work requirement is short term tasks, ongoing projects, or interim, contract assignments, Genki Tech Services have the people and expertise to ensure an optimised IT and technology set-up.