Genki Tech Services

Genki Tech Services are an IT and technology services business, providing outsourced tech support to airline, aviation and travel companies, globally.

Targeted in particular at those businesses needing to supplement their internal technology resources to achieve optimised, secure and efficient IT infrastructure. Through to deployment of competition beating customer applications. 

Offering acknowledged IT and technology expertise, combined with deep understanding and proven success in delivering and maintaining commercial and operational applications and their infrastructure.  

Genki Tech Services ensure adoption of industry best practice across all aspects of the client IT baseline, minimising business risk and maximising opportunity. 



Airhance has a 5-year pedigree of delivering innovative business and management information and reporting solutions to a variety of international travel businesses.

Without incisive and timely business information, many travel businesses fall short of optimising their customer engagement and maximising their competitive advantage. Airhance provides the applications and tools to support fast and effective business decision-making.

In particular, Airhance specialise in deploying leading applications and technologies to achieve tailored customer solutions. Enabling practical and effective deployment and take-up in support of delivering travel industry business goals and performance improvement.

Achieved with the technical capability of experts sourced from a variety of travel and consumer businesses, each an acknowledged leader in their field.

Genki Tech Labs

With technology across the travel and aviation sectors evolving at a rapid pace, Genki Tech Labs develop and deliver cutting edge travel technology solutions.

The core focus of Genki Tech Labs is the adoption and implementation of exciting new blockchain/distributed ledger and AI technologies to B2C and B2B travel applications. Enabling true customer data ownership and data integrity.

We deploy technologists that are leaders in their field, drawn from pioneering technology companies. Accomplishing innovative but realistic and cost-effective solutions for airline, aviation and travel businesses.

Genki Tech Labs travel technology solutions meet the increasing demand for personalisation of travel, enabling clear competitive advantage